Clientes del infierno

“I’m not sure what I want, but I’ll know it when I see it.”

A client was upset that the animated .gifs from his site weren’t animated when printed out. I tried to explain that it simply wasn’t possible.

Client: Why are you lying to me? I know it’s possible – have you not seen the moving posters and pictures in Harry Potter!?

“We want the newest version of Times New Roman. Don’t try to cheat us with that outdated crap.”

Client: Can we change the heading font to more acrylic?

Me: Sorry?

Client: Can we change it to more of an acrylic style font? You know, like slantways.

Me: Oh, you mean italic?

Client: No, I think its acrylic, please don’t correct me again. The slanty-‘i’ in word, you know. For acrylic.

“Thanks for emailing me the PDF. Can you please resend it to me at 100% and not at 147%.”

+ Y más terroríficas historias en Clients from Hell


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